Guide to Florida Yacht Charters

When living or visiting Florida one of the things that most people would love to experience is a voyage on a luxury yacht. For most people this is just a dream because yachts often costs 3 times the average person’s home to buy but that is only if you wanted to buy. There’s another ways to enjoy an outing on a yacht without having to own one. In this article, we will discuss how you can enjoy yachting without needing a mortgage or winning the lottery. After reading this article you will be ready for your next big adventure.


The Sky And The Sea

While the average man is bound to the land, men of regal bearing, big bank accounts and rich daddies have all been summoned to the sky or the sea for their adventures. Once only a rich man’s luxury, yachting is now more affordable than ever for the average person to experience. No longer do you need a Trump size bank account or a huge inheritance to enjoy the sea on a private Florida yacht charter. The times, the economy, smart entrepreneurs have made it so that it is easy to enjoy the yachting experience without emptying your bank account.

It All Seems Impossible

We know that for the average person reading this that yachting in Florida might seem to be above their pay-grade but it is not. We are sure that yo have read all the luxury magazine and have seen shows about million dollar yachts. We are sure that this has imprinted upon you an image that it is beyond your grasps. We suggest that you let go of that imagery and create a new picture, one where you are on the yacht and enjoying the experience. No, this isn’t self-help or a message of you have to believe but it is more so a suggesting that you have the wring imagery in your head. What you have in your head is not universally applicable and millionaires aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy yachting in Florida. We will prove to you that it is possible for almost anyone to go yachting and the criteria is not as high as you probably think. If this sounds good to you then I suggest that you continue to read this article because you will get something good out it and perhaps the source of your next adventure.

Some of the best experiences in life start off with doubt and disbelief. Having our minds and our proverbial bubble bust is a great way to start an adventure. The distance between can’t, doing and did are fairly slim. If you really want to go yachting you will. It is wonderful how all we really need to do is make up our minds and a path becomes clear for us to achieve our goal. You will find that that this is true for you as you begin the process of planning your yachting experience. You will see.

Making The Dream Happen

What does it really take to make the dream happen? Does it take a quick influx of money, must you save forever or make friends with a rich guy with a yacht? There’s no doubt that all of those things would help but they aren’t necessary. As we said earlier there’s a new business model for yachts, one that isn’t so different than what owners of beach front condos do to bring revenue and this model has made it quite affordable to experience the yachting lifestyle. If you want this experience, then now is the time to go after it.


Yachts, Condos, rich People, Oh My!

What do rich people do with their luxury condos when they aren’t vacationing? We all know the answer to this, they rent them out. They take their luxury condos and vacation homes and rent them off so that they are either earning money directly via cash flow or they are using that money to pay down their mortgage and building equity using someone else’s money. The idea of the idle rich is one that is cemented in our heads but far more rich people work everyday than they do spend time yachting or sunning themselves.

Renting A Yacht

What we have been building up to is that you can rent a yacht for a block of time. It could be a day, a couple of days, a week or even longer. This is how anyone can experience without needing to be uber rich or famous. It is the same way that many of us have stayed in really nice beach front condos and it is how you will experience what it is to go out on the sea on a yacht and take in the awe inspiring sea.

The Cost

The cost depends on the yacht, the time of year and how long you will rent it for. It isn’t much more expensive that renting a condo or any other luxury rental. It allows you to have the experience of yachting but not the bill. If only rich men would let us rent their sport-cars, which I bet there’s already a service for that too. Our economy is very much needs based and the yacht rental industry is a great example of the market creating a service that a ton of people have been wanting for a very long time.

As you can see, your dream of experiencing the yachting life is not impossible. Matter of fact, it isn’t even a dream, it is instead something that you can make happen at anytime. With renting a yacht for a block of time you get to choose when you use it and when you spend your money. You don’t have to pay for any of the upkeep or maintenance yet you get to simply enjoy it. If this sounds good to you, if yachting is something that you have always wanted to do, then you have no excuse not to inquire more about renting a yacht.